Deborah Boyd


Deborah Boyd-Crowther has been working in the field of family support and community healing for the past twenty-five years. She is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick. Her career has spanned from front-line to management in the areas of family support program design, implementation, advocacy and community capacity building. Deborah has worked with community and agency-based organizations providing services to families in the areas of mental health, crisis intervention, parent education, addiction and recovery, family violence and men’s intervention. Deborah is presently Supervisor of Family Support Services for Mi’kmaw Family and Children’s Services of Nova Scotia. She has enjoyed working with the Agency since 1994 and embraces an indigenous holistic model of inherent family strength and cultural identity, which is at the heart of her work. She played a vital role in the development of the Agency’s Family Support Program, Men’s Intervention Program and Family Healing Program. She has contributed to numerous research projects and publications on Indigenous Parenting, Family Violence, Men’s Intervention, Child Welfare, and Family Wellness. Deborah has presented her model of implementing a culturally sensitive framework in addressing child welfare and family support issues at provincial and national levels.

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